Hello. I'm an alternative comedian from London. I devise and perform surreal stunts and skits. These have titles such as:

• "What If Noel Edmonds Were a Cello?"
• "The Ironic Trowel"
• "The Mystery of Fennel"
• "Hula Hoop Hamlet"
• "Homage to Sir Alexander Fleming"
• "Gargling the Gettysburg Address While Nailing Grapes to Ted Cruz's Face"

My 2015 Edinburgh show "The Golden Age of Steam" won me the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality. Last year I was nominated for it for my debut hour, "The Human Loire". In 2013, I won the Gareth Morinan Alternative New Act of the Year Competition.

I've performed at the Soho Theatre with the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, The Weirdos, Cabarera, Lost Cabaret and the Idiot Factory, and many more.

© Clive Moore